How To Make Money Your First Week Affiliate Marketing.

How To Make Money Your First Week Affiliate Marketing.

I always say the best place to start is the beginning, so let’s start there…

Promoting products that you already use in your online business are the best ones to promote to your online audience.

The reason for that is you have a history of using & paying for the products.

Think about what you do when you see a really good movie.

What do you do once it’s over?

I know that most people share their experience with all of their friends on facebook, instagram, twitter & pinterest just to name a few social media platforms.

What happens when you have a great meal at a fine restaurant?

Most people take pictures of their meal, check in to the restaurant on facebook and describe in detail about their experience then share it on other social media platforms.

Let me ask you this…do you get paid for advertising the movie or the restaurant?

I know I don’t…

How To Make Money Your First Week Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s change that when it comes to using tools for your online business.

Start off by making a list of software that you use and any monthly memberships that you pay for like auto responders, page builders, themes for your websites & web hosting to name a few.

Do these companies offer an affiliate program?

If so, then sign up with them.

Now, let’s make a plan for the order you want to promote them to your social media platforms, email list and any online audience that you have including your website.

The order is important because you’ll want to promote the web hosting before you decide to promote a plugin for the website.

Your people in your audience will need the hosting before they’ll need the plugin for the website.

How To Make Money Your First Week Affiliate Marketing.

Included in your marketing plan for each affiliate offer should be the amount of days you plan on promoting for email marketing.

If promoting affiliate offers on your blog then that is an evergreen strategy and it will stay on your website until you take it down.

The next thing to do is to create or develop some bonuses for your affiliate offers.

Here is a really quick and easy way to create bonuses for your affiliate offers.

Get about 10 e-books with PLR rights on the topic of your affiliate offer and offer them as a starter kit.

Make sure the license you get with the PLR gives you the right to do this…
The next thing to do is to create a review for each product that you promote.

The reason why a review is so important is because people want to know what they’re buying before they pull out their credit card.

How To Make Money Your First Week Affiliate Marketing.

Many products lately have a type of sales page that is called “blind sales copy” and the method of making money isn’t revealed until after they have purchased…

Believe me, your followers will appreciate the heads up…

Next get the links to the offers, do your pre-selling to your email list and other online audiences & get after it!!!

Good luck!!!

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