Affiliate Marketing – How To Make Money With Your Blog.

Affiliate Marketing – How To Make Money With Your Blog.

Affiliate Marketing is a popular way to make money with your blog. Maybe because it’s one of the quickest ways for newbies to start making money online.

With the right affiliate marketing strategy, you can make money quickly and passively without a lot of traffic to your site. It needs to be targeted traffic though.

In this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to make money with your blog by creating product reviews for affiliate offers.

Affiliate Marketing – How To Make Money With Your Blog .

Affiliate Marketing – How To Make Money With Your Blog Creating Product Reviews.

When doing a product review think of it as if you were telling a friend about the product you just found.

It’s important that you speak as if you were talking to one person when explaining the features and benefits because it makes it feel more personal.

You connect better with your audience and it will build trust.  Make sure that you like the product and have plenty of knowledge about the product.

I like to promote products that I use in my business because it is a more credible review.  Also, I don’t come across like I’m just trying to make a fast buck…

This will keep the reader’s interest & make the review worth watching or reading.

First you’ll need to record your screen.

I use screencast-o-matic (free version), but there are other products that are similar & are also free.

You’ll want to use google slides or powerpoint slides to put information on when recording your computer screen.

Affiliate Marketing – How To Make Money With Your Blog.

Slide One: Describe the product you’re reviewing, you may want to include a picture also .

Slide Two: Introduce yourself by showing your face to the camera or you can also use a picture of yourself if you only want to record your screen and not appear on camera.

Remember to tell the audience your name and the name of the product you’re reviewing, it’ll help with branding and SEO also…

Slide Three: Announce the launch date unless it’s already on the market.

Also let the viewers know you’ll be reviewing the pros and cons of this product in this video.

Be sure to mention if you’ve bought this product and use it in your business or if it’s a review copy.

Slide Four: Tell the viewers about the bonuses you have for them if they decide to purchase.

Ideally the bonuses should be information that the prospects can use to be more successful when using the product.

Some of the best bonuses are case studies of you using the product. Recorded coaching calls are really helpful also if it’s on the same topic as the product under review.

Affiliate Marketing – How To Make Money With Your Blog.

Slide Five: Describe all the benefits that this product has to offer.

How will it help their online business if they buy it?

Can they make money with it? If so, how much money?

Don’t give away too much or they’ll just search for the rest of the info on YouTube and you won’t make the sale.

Slide Six: Go over the sales page by recording it on your screen, let them know what you think is truthful and what you deem as “hypee”

Be sure you give your opinion on proof of earnings screenshots, testimonials and all the bonuses they are offering.

Make sure you let the viewer know what they will be getting for their money because many sales pages have blind sales copy nowadays.

Slide Seven: Talk about the upgrades and why they would need them or not, be sure to tell them the price of each upgrade.

Quick Tip…If the product has a JV page they usually have a description of the upgrades for you to use…

Affiliate Marketing – How To Make Money With Your Blog.

Slide Eight: Let your audience know if you recommend this product or not…

Let them know to click the affiliate link in order to grab the product along with your incredible bonuses.

If the product is in the launch period, use scarcity that the price will go up once the launch is over so they should grab it now.

You can also create scarcity by offering your awesome bonuses for a limited time or a limited number of them if the product is not in the launch phase.

Make sure to keep your word and be truthful when doing reviews give the pros and the cons or else people will not trust you and won’t buy from you.

That’s all I got…

Have fun reviewing products while learning how to make money with your blog.

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