About Me


Well, here we are.  I’m kind of unsure how I got here but as I retrace my steps it makes perfect sense…

I’m 56 years old as I write this post and looking back I’ve done a lot in my lifetime.  I’ve owned a few businesses & managed businesses for others also.

The companies have been in different sectors of the economy from the food industry, to a courier company, to wholesaling real estate & internet marketing to name a few.

I’ll be married for 29 years this November 2018, and have 2 adult children, a girl and a boy.  I’m a no nonsense kind of guy…just ask my wife and kids.

If I put my mind to something it usually gets done and done pretty well, I’m an action taker that’s why the word motivated is in the name of my website.

I motivate myself to get projects done…I’ve always been that way.  Thank God!!

I’m number 10 of 11 children, I grew up in Connecticut, we were a Catholic family and learned how to stick up for ourselves and each other.

Our parents provided for us by owning several restaurants, they often owned a few at a time.

My father was a chef, he worked 7 days a week sometimes 18 hours a day for years to make sure we had everything we needed.

My mother…God rest her soul, worked right along side of him every day.  There were times my older brother and sisters had to chip in for clothes and other necessities just so we all had what we needed, which made us a very tight knit group.

I’m truly grateful for my parents and my siblings, they taught me an incredible work ethic, how to give of yourself and your money and countless other life lessons.

I’ve tried to pass these lessons on to my kids.  I think my wife and I did a good job, we’ll see…

I’ll be reviewing products and giving recommendations for digital products on this website.

I also create digital products from time to time so you’ll be able to check those out also.  I hope you have a good experience while visiting with me..


To your success,

Joe Dube