3 Must Have Tips When Promoting An Offer On Warrior+.

Today’s topic is about the 3 must have tips when promoting an offer on Warrior+ .

This information will help you to make more sales when promoting an offer to your audience.

I like to read quotes from successful people in life and business for inspiration so…

Here’s a quote by one of my favorite quarterbacks from the 70’s that really resonates with me…

“There is no traffic jam along the extra mile.” –Roger Staubach

Roger the dodger was great at his craft and he knew that you had to go the extra mile to be great…good stuff Roger!

Okay let’s dig in, so here are the three must haves when choosing an affiliate product to promote on Warrior+.

Number one is  the offer must have sold at least 1,000 copies. If there have been at least 1,000 sales you know that the copy on the sales page is good and people are buying it…

Number 2 the offer should have a decent conversion rate & what I mean by decent is at least an 8% conversion rate or more. I’ve promoted products with a lower conversion rate and have made money but they have over 2,000+ copies sold.

Number 3 the refund rate should not be higher than the conversion rate… makes sense right?

If you’re having trouble finding this data it’s all on the Warrior+ platform under affiliate offers.

The refund rate should tell you how good their support is or give you an idea of how good the course is…

If the support is not real good they will have a high refund rate so make sure to check all that out.

The reason that good support is crucial is because you’re going to be sending this offer to your audience.

When you send affiliate offers to you’re audience you’re saying to them…

Hey I believe in this product, I believe that it’s worth your hard-earned money to purchase it.

Make sure you protect your audience and send them only top notch affiliate offers from top notch vendors.

Remember that your audience or your email list is the core of your business.

So, as an affiliate marketer you have to protect that asset & think of it as your goose that laid the golden egg.

Recently I used these three must have tips to promote an offer and made $130.51 in a day. Take a look at my proof below…

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So, each time that you promote an affiliate product be sure to check off all three things that I’ve covered here.

  1. Make sure that the offer must have sold at least 1,000 copies.
  2. Make sure that the offer has at least an 8% conversion rate.
  3. Make sure that the refund rate isn’t higher than the conversion rate.

If you don’t you’re going to get refunds and have to pay money back that you thought you already made.

This will make the affiliate marketing process for you much easier.

I hope this information helps, so go take action & make some sales!!!

Also remember…”There is no traffic jam along the extra mile.” –Roger Staubach

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